Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Radiating Hope

by Hilary Williams

This logo draws inspiration from punctuation: converting a period (that which signifies an ending) to commas and semi-colons (those which signify that there is more to come). In this way, it connotes hope. Although punctuation is more universal than language, it is not entirely universal for this international context. Therefore, the feeling of hope is also conjured by the radial form, suggesting a flower or a sun. This reference to growth or energy is likely to be more universally understood.

This is intended to be a flexilogo in which the mark and the logotype remain constant while the colors change to reflect and honor the individual identities of the centers in disparate locales. As can be seen in the five examples, the palettes will follow the pattern of pairing analogous colors. The interplay between lighter and darker values of similar hues suggests a deepening or enriching that is in keeping with that which the centers afford. Furthermore, analogous colors are harmonious, suggesting a quality of refuge that is likely to contrast other experiences in these post-conflict regions.