Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

The Soaring Seed of DREAM

by Cristina Matei

This colourful logo uses dandelion seed as a metaphor for hope--in nature, the seeds fly in the wind, to fall upon fertile soil and then blossom. In the DREAM project, creative expression gives hope to children in war-torn countries and gives them a platform to make their thoughts and ideas soar--those ideas then materialize in the nurturing environment that the DREAM project facilitates.

The logo uses a sans-serif font that is easily legible yet its rounded shapes give it a friendly feel. Its simplified structure gives it visual strength at larger and smaller sizes. The colours in the DREAM acronym are diverse to reflect the different meanings, yet complement each other. The text colour is dark enough so that it is clearly visible in the grayscale version of the logo.