Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

A Little Play

by van

In tight situations, the basic necessities that one quickly perceives are what's given priority of being addressed. Nourished in all other ways in the name of practicality and urgency. However, it is easy to overlook nourishing the essence of what makes them children, and what would help the grow into progressive people-- their creative spirit.
The logo aims to represent a child's imagination and creativity, both of which are nourished in the DREAM Center's programs. What first seems like random colorful blots roughly colored by their little hands, with a little play, the silhouette of the center's name comes across. With a little play and creativity-- exactly the approach children need and deserve.
Logo varieties:
The standard format is the hand-colored multi-colored version.
Two grayscale versions of the logo may be used, depending on the purpose (printing constraints, distance of viewing, etc), the monochromatic hand-colored version and the block-type.
The third version is the customized branding, wherein the DREAM Center can incorporate a specific message into the logo itself by means of the background.
As in the example, say a DREAM Center/Program theoretically sets up a program in a Rwandan area. With its primary DREAM objectives, the Center would also like to encourage positivity or a sense of national pride in the children/people in the area. This can be achieved by incorporating the people’s flag. Or perhaps, the DREAM Center is holding a major fundraising concert, for that specific project’s communiqué, the logo may be modified in such a way that the background is visually music related. This is a subtle but clear medium to get the DREAM Center’s objectives for a specific project. Endless possibilities and very much in line with how creative the DREAM Center can be.