Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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By Hand - Ryan Dixon

by Ryan Dixon
Co-authors: Abigail Dixon

Hello. Please find below and attached my concept for the DREAM center logo:

If a logo is to be the visual signal of an organization then it should convey as much about it’s personality as possible. And, with such an emotional story to tell, I felt the logo for DREAM center had to be engaging, expressive and inclusive. That’s to say that I found no typeface as poignant or as visually relevant as the handwriting of a child. And a detail at the very heart of the DREAM center proposition.

Having seen the joy and self-confidence my own five year old daughter gained from picking up a pen, pencil or crayon I set her the task of creating a logo with me. The writing and colours (and choice of felt pen) were hers. My work was to scan the file and trace it into a vector.

In using hand typography we have designed a logo which celebrates the creativity of children, humanizes the organization but also breaks free from the typically corporate visual styles of many identities. We see the logo working in conjunction with a clean, sans serif typeface. Univers BQ has been used for the purpose of the attached visuals and has been set in a cool grey. This allows the vibrancy of the logo to remain and is not as visually imposing as solid black.

We both hope you like it.

Ryan, aged 28 and Abi, aged 5 and a half.