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Rainbow Dreams

by Izabela ABRATANSKA / Raphaël PHILIPPE

Inspiration is a rainbow, a phenomenon that is both difficult to explain and surprising, with great message. A rainbow appears frequently in mythology, religion, literature and art. It can be regarded as a road, a bridge connecting different worlds, and a symbol of peace and tolerance. The rainbow is an almost continuous spectrum of colors. Traditionally, the colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Children love to create rainbow drawings and paintings. A child’s chosen colors of crayons or paint contain significance. If the chosen colors are bright and warm, we believe that the child is in a cheerful mood. If the creator of the work is in a bad mood, the work may predominantly feature black and brown colors. Psychologists believe that children's drawings feed from stories about themselves. Drawings can be invaluable because they demonstrate fears, desires, and how the world is perceived by children. Information that can be gathered from a drawing can allow us to better understand the problems and joys of children.
A child’s world is full of color, and may it always remain so.
Let our children see the world in colors!!!

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