Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Dreaming and jumping

by Rike

The Logo is showing the upper-case lettering "DREAM" which stands for "Dance", "Read", "Express", "Art" and "Music". It consists of capital letters. Above there are two jumping children. Thereunder appears the word "Center".

Jumping here describes a kind of common denominator of the activities dancing, reading, expressing, artworking and making music. There can be jumping as a part of dance (vide "D" for "Dance"), newly alphabetized children may jump for joy after having successfully achieved reading an article or even a whole book (vide "R" for "Read"). Beyond that jumping is a very fundamental form of expression (vide "E" for "Express"), you can even jump artfully or again jump for joy when you have finished an artwork (vide "A" for "Art"). Furthermore jumping can be stimulated by music (vide "M" for "Music").

I've chosen a fresh yelloy-green and a dark blue within the logo for both colors have positive connotations in most cultural and religious contexts. The children's silhouettes represent likewise boys and girls as the one looks more female the other more male. Thus the logo can be used culture- and gender-neutral.

The Logo can be converted in shades of grey. Using the logo as a bitmap it can be displayed in black or any other color. Black and white as well as any other color and white could also be inverted. If necessary its colour is easily adaptable to any tasks and circumstances.