Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Freedom of Expression

by VictoriaCF

Visual Identity

The main objective was to develop a logo that will be immediately recognized for its visual identity that will represent, as well as identify the cause. When I envision the DREAM Centers, I think of the centers as a safe haven for underprivileged children that offer them the chance to express themselves creatively and freely, without having to worry about the circumstances that are surrounding them in their every-day life.


The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, it represents freedom of expression and inspires to DREAM- Dance, Read, Express, Art and Music. A child’s development can be linked to the path of transformation of a butterfly. At the beginning the butterfly is nurtured and protected through its cocoon and can develop itself freely in a safe environment. When its transformation is complete, the butterfly emerges from its cocoon and is free to explore the outside world. As a child grows up it also goes through a transformation. It is fragile at the beginning and needs guidance and support. The DREAM
Center can be seen like the butterflies cocoon, a safe and inspiring environment that is free of concerns.

Logo Concept

The logo has different visual aspects; the colour combination is a spectrum of bright colours that are a form of expression and represent the DREAM aspect of the center. The logo font is playful and is supposed to be engaging, while following the movement of the butterfly. Altogether it is a very flexible logo that represents and embodies the voice of children and alludes to the child’s positive transformation inside the DREAM Center.