Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DREAM Center

by Milana Rozovskaya

DREAM Center deals with children, so I tried to do both colourful and fresh logo, but not a difficult one, so that it would be understandable and allied to children. I use easily recognizable item – soft, light and airy clouds.

In childhood we used to lie on the grass looking to the eternal blue sky with the clouds slowly sailing above... The mood of the logo reminds of a colourful childhood and those times, when we could imagine fantastic creatures and shapes appear from the clouds in the sky.

In father development of the logo improvisation, I use stylized human figures, which reflect five main words of the logo: Dance, Read, Express, Art and Music. Figures consist of simple graphic elements, so that it would be easy to animate their movement in video promotion or Flash banners for internet.