Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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Center of hapinnes

by Bernardo Moreira

Dream center giving life to the world of dreams. Helping the World is in our hands, and that help center is represented like the center of everything, a circle, a way that help in all ways, not turning back to anything. A look that take care who needs most, a continuous line that surround and hold the most needy people, given joy and happiness, make dreams came true with no end, constantly fighting for the others wellness.
Something that whatever he takes, in the end always work around the center, a Dream Center, a happy people factory, people highly interest in given happiness trough opportunities to children’s who deserve it.
A hug, a caress, a kiss, all represented by the people who show up to take near, to hold the children’s; a kindly, calm and cosy represented by blue of beautiful dreams which we never want to wake up. One relax color that represents the endless happiness from the sky.
The principal concern in the concept are the people, they can be forgotten; in this representation, we can see in black a person holding everything good in blue.
The initials of the words “Dream Center” in spite of being understood, they are always in there, just like something essential to this institution, such as their volunteers, collaborators, organizers and directors, in spite of unknowns are more than importants for this dream maker.