Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by morwenna moal

Firstly, the choice of the circle obviously hints to the international dimension of the Dream program but it is a reassuring shape too, connoting protection, shelter, and sunny future. This is a pure shape, like the blue color. Its drawn-like aspect could make think that it was sketched by a children expressing himself with some color pencils.
This circles have fine parts and thick parts: it is inspired by a ribbon silouhette because the ribbon is an innocence and purity symbol. Morever it is used for dance sometimes.

So, the circles make reference to drawing, to dance and movement, to a musical wave, to the cocoon created by reading…to self-expression in general.

The Platelet font which constitute the totality of the text is designed with rounded letters to create an harmony and being intimately linked to the circle. Its place on the right side make it stable and turned to the future. The global shape created is similar to a foetus in his mother's womb, which is an image particulary reassuring for children and source of (re)birth, and growth.

The letters, all have differents color, vivid but in soft tones, a little bit like the letters on the cube games children love so much. Moreover, it permits to show the multiplicity of activities offered by Dream centers. The dominance of blue, the color of the sky brings dreamy and calming thinkings.