Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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Logo DREAM Center - SUN

by Veselin Aleksiev

As a basis for the development of my idea for the logo, I have used children's hands united around a common center, whose contours delineate the borders of a sun. Furthermore, the enclosed space between the hands delineate a star.
The hand is the 'instrument of all instruments' according to Aristoteles. It is a main mean of expression for man, when dancing, reading, practicing various types of arts etc. The use of different spectral colors is an analogy for the differences among races and religions. Simultaneously, their union in one wholeness express a natural for all aspiration personified by symbol such as the sun.
The sun is an exceptionally positive symbol for all peoples, which is often connected with the divine.
In addition, the star complements the idea of the positivity of the sun as it is symbolic of what is vibrant and eternal in life.