Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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what a wonderful logo

by Hande Akyasar

The concept of my logo is magic and the logo resembles a magician hat, the letter "M" looks like a musical note and left side of "A" recalls a watercolor brush. concept brief as the following;
Magic makes you happy, gives what you expect from this life, comes all of a sudden. You make a wish then your dream comes true. A magician makes a hat trick and puts a smile on your face. You may wish to be a musician, a poet, a dancer, then unexpectedly you become what you want to be. Your wish is your remedy. Dream centers will be a cure for those children who live in restricted life conditions. Dream centers is a place where the children get an opportunity to express themselves freely, creatively. Dream centers give a magic touch to those children's lives.

My color decision for the logo is black because a magician hat is in black so I do not want to give an additional color. There are two different typefaces on my logo both handwritten, one is bold and comic character the other is more calligraphic to smoothen the boldness of the uppercase letters. It is a playful logo both literally and visually.