Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by Ruth Ross-Macdonald

The creation of this logo is inspired by the interconnecting links between the multiple strands of creative learning within the DREAM center company and the people involved. It combines the connected disciplines of the company brought together to create a symbol of unity, inclusion and development. The circular intertwining lines lead your eye to see a more dominant circular shape, representing a safe haven in which underprivileged children can be included in rebuilding themselves through creative expression and learning.

The logo itself is extremely flexible demonstrated in the images submitted. Used partially it highlights the interconnections within the company, or as a whole it creates a strong, recognisable logo. It can be used playfully and creatively in its application and use of colour to create an exciting mark that will work across a broad range of media formats capturing the target audience on different levels. In addition the logo also has the capacity to be animated for web/T.V application, adding another dimension and reaffirming the idea of movement, development and inclusion.