Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Imagination and Home Logos

by Thom12

DREAM Center Logos (Two)

The ability to bring ideas to the forefront at a formative age is a challenging and explorative time. Like a cloud or even a surprise present, it offers the possibilities of only imagination. Moving in directions, there is a flow to how dreams can form into reality.

LOGO 1 (Imagination)

The DREAM Center provides positive cultural growth that can help to shape a child's world. It draws upon using the senses with the mind in learning about the ways to communicate expressively to help the individual draw upon their own being. In each area of the program, the experiences gained give each child the abilities to enjoy their lives more fully and to connect and relate to others.

A logo for the DREAM Center is created by a group of connected circles, some bold, others demonstrating a path. All together they contain the program's title and come together forming a cloud-like shape. The directional or time-based detailing gives credence to children with a sense of participation, with all experiences having some relationship. The variety within the linear, cartoon-like grouping is presented to draw upon the child's imagination.

LOGO 2 (Home)

This idea for the DREAM Center casts a central focus
on the center as a familiar in the form of a basic home symbol. It’s definition is made up of dashed lines leading up to the opening of a roof.

Centered within the shape which could also be a package or gift opening up is the DREAM Center name in front of basic balloon-like colors. I’ve submitted three variations on the color palette which define primary,
secondary, and free-form instinctual hues. Along with the black and white example, one color palette could be chosen, or if deemed appropriate, all three. The sense is that all three could offer a distinctive form of the
arts or else be specifically connected simply for age-groups.

The open roof or package symbolize an open, welcoming experience. As a house, it signifies the possibility for a harmonious experience, a space
you would want to visit and as a gift its magic of surprise is as watching vibrant balloons floating effortlessly on their own course with nature. Intuitively, it offers even for the young mind, a chance to experience a curiosity for the unknown and anticipatory, and kindles the spirit of a child-like excitement.