Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by douda

1 -A logo in the epoch of time with bright colours. A visibility granted in the anagram in gradation of colours with a separation of each of the letters for a better understanding of the different topics of plan.
2-A logo with an artistic side. "A" in person with a strong visual sense taken back 3 times to stress the artistic side of program. A really simple style, a rectangulaire form to represent an opened inside is the outside, positionnement of the letters " D " and " M " brought back from 3-A changeable form in comparison with both first. The putting forward of children and international character thanks to the Earth. A blue colour which makes think of peace, escape, sky which is universal. Two children who are held by the hand, a participation between individuals … 4-Hands, representative of our artistic qualities. The element necessary to art. to dance, turn over a new leaf death a book, to express itself in the theatre, to paint, to draw or else to use it to play an instrument. A precious tool which the man has whatever is its country, its culture A simple logo for a tool of the man. 5-An orientation towards right for an advance. Three arrows towards a point for a directional sense in the dream. To mark that it is make it you! 6-An eye-catcher of the anagram punctuated by a stylized figure who gives dynamism in the logo. A colour violine which is modern and sober