Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by Jesse Gundy

When designing this logo, I tried my best to represent what the DREAM Center is. The word 'center' provides a base off of which the word DREAM flows upward. The image of the boy is an important, as it represents who the DREAM center serves. He is looking up, a representation of hope and optimism, and is surrounded by living and flowing art. I wanted all of the different mediums to flow from one to another to emphasize that they all relate because they all stem from one idea: expression.

I intended the logo to have a strong, moderately complex design that functions better as a silhouette that as a colored item itself. This allows it to flow easily between different mediums (print, web, video, etc). The variations on the image are there mainly to display it's versatility and use in many possible color schemes. The last one is a demonstration of how it could appear in a web/video medium. The possibilities are endless.