Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

The "In Between Dreams" Concept

by Sam Dunne

The concept of charity proposed by the DREAM Center program is revolutionary in its recognition that elements of life that are surplus to survival are as important and valuable as food, clean water and shelter.

This logotype concept aims to embody the DREAM Center's vision. The surplus, negative shapes are as essential in the creation of each letter as the positive shapes.

The logo was created as such that each individual letter of the word "DREAM" can act as an individual symbol, if desired, to denote the subject area its letter represents (e.g D for dance) as seen in the stationary and on the website mock-up.

In repetition the logo also creates an interesting geometric pattern that could be used as an extra brand element for the program on, for example, business cards, print material or even clothing/uniform.

The concept title references Jack Johnson's famous album. This wording, however, is not intended for use outwith this competition without necessary permissions.