Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Manoeuvre your own dream

by vatten

DREAM Center. The logo symbolize a hovering DREAM, which can be true with a helping hand.
To dare we need support and encouragement. At DREAM Center you find people and resources which gives children the opportunity to discover and develop their creative dreams.

DREAM Center is the meeting-point. Here children gets the challenging tools to dare fly (express) higher and freely.

The logo of DREAM Center can be described as an unfold parachute or kite.The fixed point which hold the ropes is the Center. The children at the center, gradually learn to manoeuvre their own DREAM-kite/parachute. The floating DREAMs are about Dansing, Reading, Express oneself, doing Art and Music.

Creative work is fun and improve oneĀ“s mind. The children can feel proud of themeselves, the self-
confidence give them hope for the future and curiosity of life. At DREAM Center the adventure starts.