Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

A Creative Voice - DREAM Identity

by Harvey

When thinking of what art means to me; it provides a medium for expression, an outlet for a voice untold. This relationship between arts and expression formed the inspiration behind the design for the DREAM Center corporate identity.

The typographic design uses cutout letters as a representation of this freedom in the playful approach children take to the arts. The scattered lettering also plays on the notion of voice, and when represented in a speech bubble, creates a visual dialogue between identity and image.

The corporate identity is flexible enough to be applied as both the main logo, as well as a graphic, which can be employed over images, or used to identify a selected division within the program with the use of a designated colour.

No matter what format the logo is represented, the DREAM Center corporate identity acts as a visual in reconfirming the importance of creative expression through any medium, and the place this has in children’s lives.