Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by tadeja jutersek

My logo for Dream center is consisted of words DREAM CENTER, ladder and sun. Two letters E is composed in way that represents the ladder that leads to the sun. This ladder is meant to courage everyone to climb up. With ladder you can reach higher, you can catch somethig that is seemed to be unreachable. Ladder also represents personal growth that brings us very strong self confidence. It is very powerfull sign that shows the right way.

And on the top there is allways nice view, there is allways clear sky and sun. Every stair of ladder is different colour. Colours are not arranged as in a rainbow but they lead upwards from the darkest to the lightest colour. It is like climbing up from passive to active, from the dark into the light, from night into a day. On top there is the time to be proud on yourself, specially when you look back the way you have walked.

Two signs, ladder and sun can appear together with words DREAM CENTER. As well they can be performed without words. Just ladder and sun. As that ladder present a way to get to the sun. Sun is a symbol of warmth, happines, pleasure and life. It has positive affect on you to see things optimistically.

Because of colourfulness, logo is very interesting for children. It attracts attention. It is also very easy to draw it. It looks very nice even in black and white version. Letters are very simple and it is not hard to read DESIGN CENTER.