Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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Dream Center Logo Entry by Kourosh Gorji

by Kourosh Gorji

Designer’s Notes & Process
My inspiration for the DREAM Center program’s logo design comes from the wonderful offering this program offers the children of the world. My intent in creating the logo was to create a design that would reach across to anyone anywhere in the world. I wanted to do 2 things. Create a logo that communicated the essence of the DREAM Center program, and make it accessible to go beyond borders. I decided to the play with acronym DREAM and what is stands for: Dance, Read, Express, Art, Music. The iconography, lettering and style I chose to play with where inspired by the wonder, curiosity and joy of being a child, which I feel comes across clear to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Thank you
Kourosh Gorji