Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Dream to Reality

by Penot Myriam

I think Graphic Design can be a great and a beautifull tools to express our opinion.

If i'm chosen for this Logo, I will be very proud to create a little for all this children.

The project of Dream Center is a Real and concrete project that the children of streets can hope for a little more life.

I want to help this world with my means, and I think graphic design can be a solution to transform dream in reality.

I've used the international symbol for differents children of the world : the Balloon.
I think it's a Synonym of freedom, Flight, evolution...The sky is a quiete place to dream and to express his mind.
The clouds is the same symbol.
For the last logo, I would represent Halo of light. Between the brightness of the sun and fireworks.
I have create a kind of direction, to understand and to see the logo on paper : "alive".