Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Dreamcenter - Playful Clay

by Jonathan Jacobsen

The main concept is "Playfulness" seen from two perspectives: The psychology (Active, curious and mischievous behavior) and Plastic Expression (How they manifest their world vision).
The retoric inside children's drawings talk about their innocence, representing their environment with abstract forms that sintethize a personal idea without prejudges.
This drawings are made of thick and irregular traces (depending the media: Crayons, clay, etc). Is common the overlaying and unproportion of the shapes that exaggerate the essential form of what are they representing.
DREAMCENTER is a project with a future purpose: To develop in children, a new artistic way of response to the future world problematic. So, we can tell "Dream" is seen as a "Wish"
This "Wish" is represented with many symbols, like a star. They are different in each culture, but there's something that join them in one characteristic: When someone wishes something, most of the time they look at the sky as a sign of interaction with this "dream" we are waiting for.
This look is represented by two characters: R & A, eyelashes represent "boy" and "girl" respectively. This eyes are looking up to symbolize DREAMCENTER’S future dream.
Also, this two letters make the logo a playful tool to create new graphic designs, By having its own personality.
The artistic character, is given by the use of a rounded typography that gives the elastic sensation of clay: Used exclusively by/for kids.
To add the mischievous /innocent behavior of children, the "R" in "Center" is inverted. This also adds empathy for the receptor.
Colors were made for two reasons.
Firstly, is to talk about mixed, without falling into Pink and Blue, or using many colors to say “Children”. This was chosen thinking of the graphic development of the logo, in shirts and other resources.
The second reason, was to make from the logo an interaction between the enough informality to create empathy and call the attention to all the people who wants to collaborate with DREAMCENTER and formality to develop a graphic line to all elements related to the association (Office elements and merchandising).
The alternate use of orange and green, separates the letters to show the acronym. In turn, in relation with "N" and "E" the logo shows in an implicit way a happy and smiley face, so this Future Sigh inside the logo with "R" and "A" eyes ends with an optimistic smile to the future challenges.