Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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The Blue Bird

by Lisi Sutil

My proposal is based on the figure of the blue bird of happiness of the Belgian Maurice Maeterlinck, which creates a fantastic journey to the children where they eventually discover that happiness is in front of them but not see where the humble house where they live with their woodcutter father in contrast to the mansions of the rich inaccessible to them, to understand the end that is in the ordinary and near and not in the material where the really valuable and where true happiness lies.
So I think these kids really need to take this blue bird a symbol of happiness is so close to them as a hug or a paper and some crayons transporting them to another world, one's own and only where comprise not defends the modernist ideal of this work that the spiritual is more important than the material.
And as children of this story as they understand that after passing through places full of fear and disease, sorrow and death, there is a hopeful place where is that blue bird that will guide you to happiness and that place is within each and in the simplicity and naturalness of things.

As for the colors used, the main one is blue because it is a color that clearly represents the world of creativity and dreams of a clear sky and hope. Also in some cultures like Japan is the color of witchcraft and find a bird of this color is just a symbol of good luck, this has been the predominant color in this composition.
As for the word "center" has been used several colors to highlight the youthful and happy the project as well as the font of child and informal air.
On the other hand the word "DREAM" has a very rounded typography to give it a lighter and not aggressive. The kerning was abolished, to give a sense of connection to the word, because although we all have different dreams unites us to dream the dream and achieve our desires. The reason that the "M" is bigger is because we expect these children to end with less fear of having big dreams.