Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Express youself & Dance on the Sound of Art

by dima.abuarida

This Logo is a trial to express the elements of the center in a graphical scenario to be read easily.

Read the following equations then have a look at the scenario,

D = Dance = The Dancer in the fornt
R = Read = The Newspaper in the back
E = Express = The Handwritten line on the ground, which indicates everybody's own way in representing themselves
A = Art = The brush stroke infront of the newspapers
M = Music = The Music Notes

*The Dancer is the only human being in this scenario & all the others are elements serving the scene

The scenario:

Music Notes, Newspaper & the brush stroke are integrating with each other to form the sound that the dancer is using to perform her dance. at the same time , the dancer is making her dance along the handwritten path as a trial to express herself in her own way