Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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Dreaming beyond the rainbow

by Lisi Sutil

My proposal is based on the imagination, since the word DREAM means not only sleep, but above all to dream.
Since this is a center aimed at disadvantaged children and their expression through their enormous creativity and imagination have become the word "DREAM" in a home for them. First, the letter "D" double feature, and besides being the beginning of the word and thus has great importance, I created the "D" with a "C" in reverse, which gives it a connotation to the night to have a crescent. Second to the left of the "D" I put two points together simulate eyes that this "D" shaped crescent create a smiley face, something very valuable to highlight as the smile of a child is more important.

At the end of the word "DREAM" I changed the "M" in a fireplace. To emphasize this way I made some cuts in the larger stick, simulating the smoke from the chimney, smoke stack means that the heat is on and giving protection to people found inside, in this case the children, who are within your imagination, letting out to highlight the latter concept I have drawn by hand, to give it a more child, some circles and a final cloud that imagination that simulate escaping up the chimney.
The word "center" I have placed in the top of the "M" in a neutral color such as gray as the center is a neutral place.
As for the colors used, as can be seen, there is one dark, are all colorful and happy, particularly the colors of the rainbow established by order from first to last violet red. With them I have made clear that this is a place for children, their imagination and happiness, a place to be themselves by surrounding themselves with color and joy, where the pain they are so used to not exist and nobody can harm them , a place beyond the rainbow, beyond the smoke from the chimneys where dreams come true.