Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details


by Cay Ost

I have proposed two options for the DREAM Center logo. One, a logo with a hand-written typeface, and the other, a selected pre-existing typeface. Included are the two logo options in color and also in black & white.

They are not two different concepts—they are the same concept with two different choices of typography for which one or the other can be used (based on the preferences of the jury)—so I included them in the same entry.

My submitted design addresses the idea that “creative expression is a powerful source of self-confidence and essential to child development..”

Emerging from the word DREAM is a small, growing plant, which, like a child, has humble beginnings that start with a dream of a bright future. The word DREAM becomes its roots, from which great things may blossom. And just as a child needs a dream to grow, the plant in this design finds those beginnings in the DREAM Center.

Hence, the DREAM Center itself is represented as a starting point, and the roots for development and flourishing.