Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

child's play

by dario tainer

The stylized words “Dream Center” become the corporate logo and graphic image for the project. The words are superimposed on a field of five horizontal lines alluding to a sheet of music. The D and the A in the word DreAm are treated as simple and childlike artistic brush strokes that also imply movement as in dance. The two letters are related but different, as they play off of each other in orchestrated choreography. The colors used represent the world continents as this is for an international organization. The typeface of the word “DREAM” is simple and unstructured as if written by a child in contrast to the word “CENTER” which is a very defined representing the structured and formal aspects of the organization. The colors are all interchangeable for additional flexibility with the logo, the brush strokes and handwritten nature of the word “DREAM” lends itself to video and motion interpretations and presentations. Each element of the center: Dance, Read, Express, Art and Music is thus represented in one-way or another by the overall logo