Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

DREAM Center logo

by mexicoclasico

The word Center and hands both in blue color, represent people who work at the center. Who give children the opportunities and tools to express themselves creatively.
The white hands represent unprivileged children that are supported by the center, in order to help the development of child’s.
The children of the five continents of the world are represented by each color, letter and Typography used on the DREAM anagram.

The spark of light created in the middle of the two white hands is a powerful source of self-confidence that every child has which is essential to child development.

I used the hands because with the hands kids, can express themselves, play music, read a book, grab a pencil, brush etc. to build art or compose music in order to dance.

Autor: German Axel Ortiz Millan