Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Express yourself and be free.

by lucas carmona

Logo 1: The logo was created to show freedom of expression, by using art as a exit to the world that surround us by using creativity.The Design displays a paint brush that transforms into a figure that represents the people of the world, shown as a circle in behind. The Typography was intended to be clean and simple.

Logo 2: The second Logo was created to show union. the overall shows an institution form by people for the kids of the world, the close up we can see a paint brush and a brush stroke that form the institution that go es around the globe.

Logo 3: This logo was form out of the word mark and was intended to portrait Dreaming with the impossible. A way out of problems and hard life into a happy and confortable place.

Logo 4: This logo is more literally in terms that shows creativity and plays with the Idea of dreaming.