Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

Competition Details

Empower your dreams

by come2lisa

“Empower your dreams, and put wings to your creative expressions.”

The symbol of this proposal shows a central round container of creative expressions with a pair of wings.

The symbolic meaning of wings in dreams is often associated with freedom and greatest heights of personal achievement. In this context they have been chosen to illustrate the dream aspect of the center, as well as the potential growth of the children’s way of expressing themselves artistically.

The logo separates “DREAM” and “center” by means of colors and the utilisation of upper/lowercase of the recognised font Helvetica Rounded Bold.

The light blue colors (Pantone Process Cyan) enhance the dream vision and give a harmonious look to the logo, details of which may be adapted depending on the medium where it’s going to be reproduced.

Overall it is a playful logo with a high impact that is easy to recognise and adapt to different medium.