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Mark of Dreams: UNESCO's DREAM Center logo competition

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Judging Feedback

The results for this competition are in. We received 1165 entries from 80 countries and, with the help of DESIGN 21's Advisory Board members Omar Vulpinari and Halim Choueiry, the DREAM Center organizers have selected their winner. DREAM Center, DESIGN 21 and UNESCO would like to thank our judges and all those around the world who entered this competition, and to congratulate the following entries.

DREAM Center judge Haruko Smith of Felissimo had this to say about the overall competition:

"The level of interest and thoughtful comments that accompanied the designs were heartwarming. Many entries missed that each letter in DREAM was important (they stand for Dance, Read, Express, Art, Music) and took a simplistic interpretation of the word "dream." This played a part in making the final selection. It was also a revelation that the word "dream" is universally appealing and an inspiration to many designers. So dream on, and don't forget to act on important ones."

Overall Winner

DREAM Center by Jonathan Schute from USA is our Winner and will receive $3000.

Explaining his entry, Jonathan Schute wrote:

"I think it is crucial to provide artistic outlets that encourage children to express their creativity. This imaginative freedom allows them to communicate their individuality and my logo attempts to capture just that, the act of self expression."

The DREAM Center had this to say about Jonathan's design:

"We feel it shows children's active participation in what the DREAM Centers represent. Also, the fact that the child is stretching up to paint can also be seen as a metaphor for how the DREAM centers help stretch the horizons and the creativity of children, helping them develop their creativity and reach out for and try new forms of expression."

Omar Vulpinari made this comment about the choice:

"Excellent; the child is the creative agent. This will need to be contained in a white form when applied on colored or photographic backgrounds."

Honorable Mentions

Let's dream a dream by Kamil Pawlik from Poland.

Halim Choueiry commented:

"In my opinion, the concept and treatment of the identity is well carried out and illustrate in an abstract manner the idea of freedom of dreaming. Nonetheless, the typographic treatment of the word 'Dream Center' can be more studied and enhanced in order to bring more coherence to the original conceptual idea. My questions are along the lines of why the same treatment of the circle is carried out inside the letters of the word 'Dream.' Is this adding to the strength of the circles or at the contrary this repetition is lowering down their visual impact? Another question is the choice of type of both words 'Dream' and 'Center.' How successful is the combination of the two typefaces? One being bold and the other being light? What is the value of the upper case of the word 'Dream' in relation to the lower case word 'Center.' And finally, is the negative space between the two words 'Dream' and 'Center' is harmonious with the overall visual? is the upper case 'C' in a good standing in the overall visual communication?"

Playful by Chris Wharton from United Kingdom.

Omar Vulpinari commented:

"Very good; the DREAM center is first in the child's mind. However a few adjustments are needed. The child profile needs to be less westernized and more "universal", taking away the hair can be enough and the "M" needs to be in a stronger color to balance with the other letter colors."

cloud by Ana Lukenda from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

UNESCO commented:

"The vibrant colors and free-form of the shapes inspire a sense of freedom to dream and create. The overlapping colors giving way to new colors also can be seen as a metaphor: the mixing of different kinds of expression and creativity (which is what takes place at DREAM Centers) can give rise to entirely new forms of creativity."

Most Popular as selected by the D21 community

These two entries received the same number of votes.

Growing Dreams by Fahrettin Tasdelen of Turkey

Multi Colored Dreams by Vinu Chaitanya of India

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