Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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Spreading Happiness

by Roopa Basu


Faced with the challenge to design a 'Happiness Plate'; my first instinct was to design a universal plate that would make everybody happy. Hours of research and doodles kept bringing me repeatedly to dead ends : different people had their own take on happiness. Apparently happiness was everywhere. Then why was everyone searching for it?

For my design; I focused on the common theme that kept cropping up in my personal pursuit of finding the true meaning of happiness. It was the concept of 'reaching out' for happiness. What makes me deliriously happy today, might not have the same effect tomorrow; what puts a smile on my friend's face, might not invoke the same feelings in me. But the important thing is to reach out for whatever makes one happy : be it classical music, corny movies, loving friends or a piece of chocolate cake! Identify it, reach out for it, then consciously and deliberately grab it!

I thought of highlighting this theme using the Blue Bird, the universal symbol of happiness, as my mascot. The birdie, like everyone, is born with happiness within but due to the trials and tribulations of life; loses focus on that one factor that could potentially make him truly happy. Once he identifies this, he reaches out for it and imbibes happiness within himself. Only then is he able to fly from one plate to another spreading happiness wherever he goes...