Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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The Happiest Place in the World

by Afarin Sajjadian
Co-authors: Khandan Bigdeli

Working on a project, we were supposed to ask children age 6-7 from a kindergarten for drawing something that remind them of a good and happy memory. 12 of 15 drew their families.
The drawing on this plate belongs to a 6-year-old girl named Bahar Najafi, who was thinking of her family as the safest place in the world. The only environment
that brings a genuine sense of felicity, serenity, and security.
After a couple of months doing research, we realized that the three kids of that specific group were deprived of having a “Family Environment” (a secure and happy place to be) and accordingly more introvert and quiet than the other thirteen children.
The drawing of the back of the plate is by the same person expressing her “Home” as we called “Family Environment” where contains family members who are not necessarily from a common ancestry but the people who share common attitudes, interests, or goals, the people who have a long term commitments to one another and care for each other’s values. That is what is called Happiness.