Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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by puran choudhary
Co-authors: Hari Om Prakash

Each and everyday we see many ads, about female feticide, domestic violence, child labor and so. So we plan to think a very important topic which is very painful to children all over the world, in other words it’s a BASIC CAUSE, but people are still ignoring this but we are also very stubborn and we’ll be continue till the end. We are in a field, which has so many brilliant minds including us who work for award and for frame. I’ve met with such a incident which is a true story. One day we my copy partner and me, went to a small tea shop where a small child age of 9 working with his uncle in that shop. I realized one thing that people were calling him CHOTU. When he came to us I ask him what’s your name. He was so surprised and I saw tears in his eyes when I asked he said nobody has never ever asked me this question then very confidently he said NIHAR. So you can imagine what would be the feelings that time. That day we plan to work on. After reaching office I checked my mail I saw DESIGN21 mail, I was so happy because I have a chance to show my experience and aware people about this. Thanks to DESIGN21 to have a such a group and very important topics. WE ARE ALWAYS READY TO WORK UPON SUCH A MEANING SUBJECTS.