Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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I Set A Place For You

by Kara Pecknold


To me, the best way to experience happiness and harmony comes through the act of sharing. One way we can share is to offer food to those who are hungry. Food is an integral part of our survival and keeps us connected to the earth we inhabit. For many, gaining access to healthy food is part of daily survival. To give food offers nourishment. To share a meal offers community and connectedness.

The idea behind this plate is to always be prepared to host someone in need at your table. In preparing your table, you can create a sense of expectancy and encourage a mindset of sharing. When you break bread with someone you not only share your food but you also share something of yourself. And to me, this is one way to bring a sense of peace and harmony to our world.

This simple plate is also meant to remind those who eat off of it that they are cared for and will always be invited to eat at the table.