Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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dont watse food

by animorex

concept represent the us also others don't have healthy food and people have dead...with hunger ....

so plate is reminder of situation and make them awareness of wasting food and helping poor

so dsign based on that symbolic concept the black spots embeded in the glass represent the people dead by hunger and hunger related decease,,, and white pebble represent the food ..black sots seems to be try to reach it but they never did,,, as real world so the this exress the story of hunger ....of the world also the strong statement with white color ..express it shaply... whole plate can be made out of glass(may be different colour ) the person who hanle the plate only see white pebble but econdly you see the story behind it......

thnk from animorex

think about people aroud you,,,all ways....