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Symbiotic Relationships

by Seth Mabbott

Inspiration for this design comes from the recent frighteningly rapid decline in worldwide honeybee populations. Many plants depend on honeybees to bring pollen from one flower to another thus enabling the production of fruit and vegetables and the reproduction of these plants. Approximately 1/3 of the plants humans depend on for food fit into this category of bee-dependant flora. Already there are places where the bee population has completely died off and farmers must painstakingly pollenate their crops by hand.

This design depicts the life cycles of bees and a common fruit that many people find quite delicious. The two have evolved together over time to form a symbiotic relationship and now depend on each other for survival.

The aim is to educate people more about where their food comes from and how interdependent so many things in this world are. Armed with this knowledge we will hopefully learn to preserve those relationships and bringing ourselves into harmony with the world around us.