Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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Leho inc "POOMBLS" 2

by Leho

From soft and wavy forms four small characters are born that they belong to the earth, to the water, to the air and to the vegetation. From their simple actions live in global harmony.

Their name is POOMBLS inspired of the French "pomme de terre" (potatoes), but their literal translation is "apple of earth." The potatoes are born in the heart of the PACHAMAMA*, from South America, and they have been spread for the whole planet. For the native South Americans the earth was our mother and their message environmentalist could not pass inadvertent. The POOMBLS is small apples born in the heart of the planet.

The union makes their force. By means of the friendship, the care, the knowledge and the conscience, they show us that one could enjoy the care of the environment.

The water is part of everything and all are responsible of their purity. For this reason the election of a drop how predominant form in the design.

The message is playful but very serious, it is time to begin with small actions, together.
Leho De Sosa

* Pachamama: the earth in a deep sense, spiritual and of devotion for The Quechuas and the Tiwanaku people.