Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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Happiness is playing with my friends

by come2lisa

Happiness is playing with my friends…

This plate is designed to describe happiness from a child’s point of view; time seems to stop when they have fun playing, and all they want to do is to continue – as if there was no tomorrow. If this is not authentic happiness, then what is?

The actual design pictures three children playing rope on a sunny day. The overall design and letters are childlike, as the scene was painted and explained by a child; having fun with my friends on a fine day. The feelings we have as children seems to be more intense and complete. The moment is everything.

It is a playful yet simple and clean design, made entirely in vector graphics – to be adapted to any size preserving the same high quality. The blue pantone colour may be varied if there is interest in making a collection series.