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We'll create a safe and better world for our children

by Tammy-M-l

We as a modern society, should take care to develop a world where Children will be in a better place.
Safe and quiet place where they can grow, play, work out and feel protected
A place where everybody live in peace, tolerance patiently, knowing that we
need to know to get the other.
As was said live your life and let live.
Multi - cultural dialogue is the idea that the mutual respect and tolerance
between different cultures Of respect for linguistic and cultural.
The post modern era, spreading in the western world ideology of Multi
cultural, Human Rights attaches, linguistic and cultural liberation of
peoples depressed, top priority.
The importance of education for peace and meet the different scale at the
top of the list of values, between humans.
And there is a need to pursue, in the process of creating a better world.