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Cultural Identity

by boriana

We are all unique human beings, with unique characteristics and point of view. Culture is what brings us together and allows us to grow, evolve and create. There is a parallel between personal and cultural identity, both are equally important when it comes to preserving cultural diversity in our communities and the world as a whole.

As creative human beings, we all carry an understanding of the world that is based on what we've learned, experienced and achieved. The colorful spectrum of cultural variety throughout the world is, as big as our own personal cultural and creative DNA. Culture is an ever evolving process of building values and traditions, preserving languages and creating new forms of expression that help us identify who we are and where we belong.

This logo design was created using three simple graphic elements: an open hand - representing the five continents and their cultural diversity; fingerprint texture - showing the importance of cultural identity and our personal responsibility to preserve it; color spectrum - representing the variety of cultures and their ability to co-exist, yet sustain their unique role and identity.