Competition Details

logo for International Festival of Cultural Diversity

by Arnaud Weber


For the International Festival of Cultural Diversity, logo must me universal, human and show the variety of cultures.
The hand : The global form is a hand because it means the creation, the exchange between human, the ability to use tools. It’s a protective hand too. It’s open. It stops aggressivity. We write with our hand. Finally, the five fingers are evocating the five continents.
Signs :
Regarding the signs, they are also very present. The hand is made by the word "Culture" in different langage so that the message can be read by many people. All languages are not represented, but the choice is to show also different alphabets and so, the most important languages of each alphabets : Latin alphabet, Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese and Braille, too often forgotten ... All these signs are like tattooed in the hand. They are rooted in the hand as culture is rooted in every man.
Colors :
The different colors do not represent the various peoples or continents (this concept is already shown above). They represents the nature and its variety : animal, vegetable, mineral and spiritual, but also sky, ocean, forest and sun, because a lot of cultures are close to the nature and humanity need nature and durable development.
Finally, the mention "International Festival of Cultural Diversity" is in brown like the wood, because culture is like a tree and cultures are the roots and the branches.