Competition Details

Believe in diversity

by maiki

I believe cultural diversity is one of the best things we have.
It´s like a gift given to humankind.
And I also believe we all have to preserve it and to take care of it.
With my logo proposal I try to show some aspects that I consider important according to the brief: no references to anything particular and something simple and eye-catching. In summary, a logo that communicates, in an easy way, the message of the festival.
The icon is constructed by some shapes, similar in its shape but different in its colour. They represent the cultural diversity. I used color to differentiate only as a aesthetic way.
These shapes, all together, form a bigger and circular figure. It represents the globality (formed by the diversity). This globality is not uniform, as I believe it must be.

-Cession of rights:
If my design is selected as the overall winner I will give UNESCO the cession of its intellectual property rights including the right of adaptation of the logo.