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Finery to Celebrate Diversity

by Antoine Gassion
Co-authors: antoine gassion

Far from the idea of a cultural standardization, I wanted to show through this logotype that Cultural Diversity is a combined strength. Humanity is outlined by the multitude and the wealth of our cultures, none of them escapes being looked at since cultures are carried by a social group.

In many cultures, finery is worn to express one’s spiritual color, one’s emotional position, and to immortalize its traditions and its faiths as well as to take part in the feast. Here the International Festival is this big international feast, the finery of which is the Cultural diversity.

The international festival’s date (here the year) is a gathering and convergence point, that will allow us to meet and exchange in all our Diversity. Each coloured feather emanating from this point evokes a different culture. All of them have an identical extremity so they form a harmonious set, whereas their base distinguish themselves from one to the other and draw the silhouette of the Universal Human being. If a feather misses, this Universal Human being disappears, as its representation indeed exists only thanks to the commitment of each culture.
This is the very reason why I have wanted the International Festival of Cultural Diversity to have a face in which anyone can recognize himself.