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by Ricardo Beron
Co-authors: Ricardo Beron

I am very happy that an organization as UNESCO is stepping forward to create a special event for celebrating our cultures and make us look inside to who we are and what are we doing as we co-habitate this planet.

Description: The logo symbolizes many people in a festival or carnival engaging one another and creating this amazing energy that is going to translate into a better understanding of our cultures and our world. I used different colors and perspective to illustrate the myriad of individuals and cultures that make up our planet. But in order to see this energy and feel it you have to make an effort. You got to put your senses to work and ask questions to feel this energy on a special day UNESCO is creating. You have to be curious why people speak different languages or dialects. You might want to taste different types of food that different cultures offer and discover amazing tastes from different corners of our planet. They might clue you in an organic cloth water repellant material that you’ve never seen because there is a certain plant that only grows under certain conditions. Or a type of wood that is very flexible and resistant that you could use for your house. This is the type of energy it is stored in the myriad of cultures that we have to discover and engage with them. Its a process of discoveries that is going to transform our planet and unleash a tsunami of energy that will carry mankind to galaxies that we never thought we could visit. Before giving lectures to other planets we have to make sure we take care of our own. When we learn and appreciate other cultures in our planet we realize how valuable your own culture is and appreciate your individuality, and your essence of being. We develop a sense of respect for mankind and its different ideas that have to be learned and accepted. This is a very demanding process because you might encounter cruelty within cultures and you have to make choices and sometimes you can not change cultures. But this energy you experience will start to open up a sense of wonder and beauty of our planet our children will like to experience as they start their journey through life.