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Polymorphics to Celebrate Diversity

by Antoine Gassion
Co-authors: antoine gassion

A big horizontal curved line supports the bubbling of polymorphic bodies.

More than the promise of a new horizon, this curve symbolizes a double stage for life. First of all, THE big stage of life, the Earth, where everything was born and that we are an integral part of. This is about the fertile ground where any social group, whether it is an ethnic group, a region or a country, develop its cultural originality.

This logotype gives the message that man differs less by his physical appearance than by his culture. Our culture is our humanity awakening and is more polymorphic. Here these shapes dance, vibrate, express themselves and get entangled. They are the Cultural Diversity, alive, boiling, symbolizing the celebration of life on Earth, but they also represent a unique theatre: the International Festival of Cultural Diversity

In this theatre, diverse cultural expressions in art and craft meet and act in harmony with each other to create a new and more respectful horizon for the Earth and for Human Diversity.