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World Shell

by vpapadopoulos


I'm not good with words so I will try to be brief.
Try to ignore my spelling mistakes :-)

With the words 'diversity' and 'festival' flying in my head I created this plain shell-shaped logo. I don't know why, but the first thing that came into my mind when I thought of festival was the image of people dancing on a sandy beach. Shells live on the sea side. We love them, we hold them, we paint them, we wear them, we listen to them, we offer them to the ones we love. Shells are ever growing like civilizations and cultures. The longer the life of a shell the more spirals on it. The more our culure grows the more protected we feel. Can you spot the road to the top of the mountain? Can you spot the woman dancing holding her long sleeves in front of her face? See the colors? Can you hear the music coming out of the shell?

I think I can almost see a loving heart living in there.

Thank you for your interest in my design.
I wish all the best for this festival!