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Come together

by Verena Tam
Co-authors: Oliver Meskawi

Cultures of the world are many and unique with different sounds, flavors and colors. The coming together of these cultures creates a breathtaking symphony that resonates as one beautifully orchestrated whole. Each bit is needed for the completion of the symphony. You may not hear the smallest bits distinctively but they contribute to the greater picture. And that’s what this logo celebrates
and translates. All the small parts come together to create a perfect form, a harmonious dance of colors and shapes. A true celebration.

The shapes have been drawn in a way not to represent a known object or form. They have been kept at a certain level of abstraction keeping them as far as possible from any deliberate association. Each individual can then create her own associations and let the shapes come to life.

The choice of organic shapes and a handwritten typography gives the total picture of the logo a softness which brings it closer to the viewer, and at the same time, a sense of movement.