Competition Details

Gravity rings

by Verena Tam
Co-authors: Oliver Meskawi

This theme emphasizes the binding factor of cultures, though different and sometimes contradictory. Each ring is an abstract representation of a culture. The abstraction lifts the cultures above their differences and makes them equal. What it emphasizes is their constant movement and intertwining; rings of gravity as it were, that pull people together to their center. That’s where one feels safe and at ease, there at the center of culture.

Each individual can see herself in these shapes because they are very recognizable and at the same time easy to reproduce. Anyone can basically grab a pen and draw this logo, which gives the person a sense of appropriation, that this logo belongs to her.

The typography is placed in a round shape that gives the impression of a sticker, emphasizing the “do-it-yourself” feel of the logo: you draw the circles and then glue the sticker as a kind of signature. A possible variation on this theme is the replacement of the title “International Festival of Cultural Diversity” with a personal message or slogan.